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We are a 501(c)(4) student organization that is devoted to empowering students to advocate for issues that impact them. Over the years, the deck has been stacked against us and we’re now saying, “Let’s reshuffle the cards” towards a more equitable future for each of us. College students across the country have the power to influence state and federal legislatures in favor of policies reflective of a more inclusive and equitable society. We plan to own that power. 

Politicians have been heavy on rhetoric and light on execution, and we are facing the consequences of their inaction. Stacked Action is ready to hold them accountable. Our focus is on advocating for the issues that affect us most by crafting and driving policy and legislation to address them.

Stacked Action, through mobilization, engagement and issue advocacy, will recruit and build new leaders on campuses across the country who will engage more actively in the legislative process, run for office, and become policy and subject area experts. We value the efforts of Stacked Action national, state, and campus level leaders. Based on the level of measurable contributions to our efforts, we hope to be in a position to offer full time staff positions and stipends / internships to those who take on key leadership roles at a state or campus level.

Stacked Action endorses candidates who align with our mission and will advocate for our policy issues. And we will engage with our elected officials to hold them accountable for delivering on student priorities.

For voter resources, visit our States page. We invite each of you to take action by visiting our Join Us page. 

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